Preferred Vendors

  • Jim’s Plumbing & Gas- (540) 786-5020
  • Kevin’s Roofing- (540) 373-2463
  • Professional Photography- Lisa Hourin- (808) 342-1536
  • Handyman Services- Bobby Hall- (703) 675-3374
  • Title or legal work- Shaheen Law- (540) 548-1235
  • Lawn Care- Danny- (540) 840-3480

More Resources

  • I hope to be your number 1 resource for everything real estate. Above are some vendors I know will treat you well but I keep active lists of local businesses that work hard for my clients. This changes day to day and some vendors are more available at different times of the year. The best option is always to just call me, explain the issue, and I’ll get you what you need as quickly as possible. 

Kevin Michael Breen

(540) 834-8003