Prince WIlliam County

Located just South of DC, it’s no wonder that Prince William is the second-most populated county in Virginia. Residents of Prince William find it convenient to commute to and from their jobs in the Capitol either by taking the VRE, Metro, or by hopping in the interstate’s hot lanes. The quick trip North is also favorable for anyone interested in visiting the museums, monuments, and festivals going on in DC.

Prince William County is home to two National Parks, the National Museum of the Marine Corps, a Minor League Baseball team (a farm team for the Washington Nationals), and the historic Old Dominion Speedway. The County covers 348 square miles, 12 square miles being water, so it is no wonder there is such a diverse group of amenities.
The Occoquan River bisects Prince William and plays host to a small artisan community featuring shops, restaurants, ghost walks, and boat docks. The river gets its name from a Doeg Algonquian word meaning “at the end of the water” which gives a nod to its original inhabitants before European settlers in the 1600s.

Prince William’s school system matches the County’s record for population by being the second largest system in Virginia. There are nearly 100 schools within Prince William’s borders making the school system the largest employer in the County. In addition to elementary, middle, and high schools, George Mason University, Stratford University, and various Community and online colleges call Prince William home.

Two significant American Civil War battles took place within the confines of Prince William. The First Battle of Manassas began July 21, 1861, and again with the Second Battle of Manassas on August 28th of 1862. These two battles are more commonly known as the Battles of Bull Run. More information about these battles can be found by visiting the Manassas National Battlefield Park.