Buy a Home



My name is Kevin Michael Breen. I’ve been working in and around real estate for my entire life. My father, mother, brother, and uncle hold or have held real estate licenses. I grew up at open houses and surrounded by the industry. This experience has given me a different view of clients who are trying to buy a home. I’ve seen how devastating it can be for a buyer to miss out on a property they have fallen in love with and how gratifying it can be to find someone their dream home. I’ve seen the caring, lifelong relationships my family has created with their clients. I’ve grown up understanding that what we do as realtors is more than buying and selling houses. We are helping people protect their family’s future and feel at home where they live.

I run my business with compassion for my clients and outside the box thinking about negotiation. I’ve seen how the industry works and the ways it can be better. During the recession people had a negative view of the real estate community. They had every right to feel that way, bad actors gave all of us a bad name. During that time I worked to make sure foreclosed families had money to relocate and educated families who were close to foreclosure on how they could protect themselves. I want to run my business in a way that adds value to our community and shows the public what good, ethical, and compassionate realtors look like. 

How I help Buyers 

Getting the right home at the right price within your budget is about 3 things: Good communication with your agent, trust, and negotiation. You need to be able to contact me personally and quickly to get the home you want at the price you need. I understand this and make sure that all my clients have quick and direct access to me not through an assistant or staff member. If I decide to take on a client I am making a commitment to give them solid advice, competent and aggressive negotiation, and honest feedback about the market.  

Each of our clients has my personal cell phone number. Your home is personal to you, your agent should be as well.